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Streams of Zion is a prophetic forerunner ministry that  has a God ordained mandate to awaken, ignite and unite the whole body of Christ into the FULL manifestation of her prophetic destiny as the 'Bride of Christ'.  We desire to help raise up and train a company of people who not only bear His NAME, but carry the weight of His GLORY, with demonstrations of KINGDOM Power and Authority 'ON EARTH as it is  in HEAVEN'. 


"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the GLORY of the LORD as the waters cover the sea"  Habakkuk 2:14


The ministry's goal is to reach, teach and unify believers from every nation, denomination and generation in order to facilitate  the  restoration of all things (Acts 3:21)  thus preparing the way for the Glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to see the Kingdom of God established, upheld and advanced in the province of Quebec, enabling her to fully step into her Prophetic Destiny as the ‘Heart of Canada’


We are a nonprofit ministry supported solely by the faithful contributions of those whose hearts the Lord is stirring.  We are NOT a church, but seek to come  along-side  and partner together with  churches and other Kingdom ministries in order to see lives and destinies transformed by the Healing  Power and the Glory of God’s Perfect Love.



Esther Knights
Founder and Director

Esther is a full-time intercessory missionary committed to a lifestyle of prayer and worship.  After 20 years, passionately pursuing the heart of God, serving Him in ministry areas such as Worship, Prayer, Healing, and Missions, Esther received a visitation from God commissioning her to carry His Heart to bring transformation to entire regions by His Healing Power and the Glory of  His Perfect Love.  She has a burning passion and desire to see the body of Christ healed and united in Love, and the Bride made ready for the imminent return of the  Bridegroom King. Esther is an ordained prophetic minister.

Shelley Larente-Bigras
Worship director

Shelley is a passionate leader who is carrying a strong desire to see a generation awakened and set ablaze.   She was raised up in ministry under Way of Truth and Life Church where she led worship for over ten years.  She is a gifted musician who flows in a prophetic anointing.   She is also a teacher, translator, author and business administrator.  Her heart’s cry is to reach the francophone community with the gospel of Jesus Christ and  the power of His resurrection. 


You can visit her minstry webiste for francophones:

Lisez L'Évangile



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